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Posted by: Cynthia
03/19/2003, 19:49:43

Hi Livia,

"M used to say "This Knowledge is for everybody - the only qualification is a sincere desire and a human body." Now it's "This Knowledge isn't for everybody."

I wonder what happened there? Either it's for everybody or it isn't. How can something as central as this change over the years, lol? If it was for everybody then it's for everybody now, and if it isn't for everybody now it couldn't have been for everybody then."

I think it's simply a response to the online presence of EPO and ex-premies. It's clearly cult backlash and a CYA (cover your ass) thing. I belive it's that practical--a cult response to premies to explain us defectors. How else can M explain away that ex-premies have seen through his congame and have left in droves--particularly those of us who did make a great effort to surrender our entire lives to him? Maharaji has been notorious for his revisionism and contradictions throughout his guru-cult career. So, I think that in order keep those who are still true-believers around, and recruit new devotees, he has to tell them something, especially when he knows some of them might be reading what ex-premies have to say. The "rotten vegetables" was one of his meaner ways of keeping us with him, IMO. He instilled a great fear of leaving in so many premies by making that one single statement.

Knowledge isn't for anybody because it's tied into the cultic belief systems that Maharaji dispenses, with all his revisions and contradictions. And really, what is Knowledge except four meditation techniques that were ripped off? Maharaji bills it as some powerful way to go inside and find one's "true self." What the hell does that mean? It means Maharaji wants to claim sole ownership of what he refers to as "Knowledge, self-Knowledge, or the big one: Truth," hence he tells premies now that it never was or isn't for everyone because in reality is not for anyone. It's clearly part of his ongoing cult recruitment tactic to get people to join his cult. Plus, by telling premies it's not for everyone he's sending them a not so subtle message that we, the ex-premies, were the ones who never made any effort "to get it," (so it wasn't for us) and those who do "get it" are extra special.

What exactly does receiving "Knowledge" or practicing Knowledge mean when all the cult trappings are removed, including the worship of Maharaji as Lord and all the mindf**k that goes along with it? Nothing. The mystery surrounding Maharaji's special gift that only he can impart is a huge carrot on a stick, not to mention an outright lie. Thirsting for and subsequently receiving and practicing Knowledge are huge components of the mind-conditioning that he's used from the start of his career, even when he was young (with the help of his family at the time).

That's my 2 or 4 cents,

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