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Posted by: Will
03/20/2003, 18:34:27


I will give you my perception on that, although you may already know just as well as I do.

Rawat and his premies currently take the same approach that the Moonies used to take: "You don't feed steak to a baby."

When you want to tell people the good news of Rawat and his "Knowledge that is unique and not the same as what others call Self-Knowledge", then you start out veeery slowly. If you give a baby steak, the poor little thing will no doubt vomit. In the same way, if you tell some innocent new person that the LOTU is currently on the planet, they might throw up on you, figuratively or otherwise. Thus we have the need to approach the public delicately, as we see in the current ads in obscure business magazines. The first thing you feed the public is that they can be fulfilled, remaining as friendly and vague as possible. If by some wild off-chance they take the bait, you proceed slowly and gently toward the Master all the while bashing down any appearances of personality cult worship that inevitably come up. Provided your target audience is sufficiently young, naive, hopeful, trusting, depressed, and idealisitic (what Rawat calls guileless and thirsty), you may have a shot at establishing the concept of the living Master in such as way as to avoid regurgitation.

The problem with this approach is that for every new premie you succeed in creating, you have also created several new anti-Rawat persons out there. Over the years, the percentage of people who "receive the techniques of Knowledge" and then go on to become a paying premie for any length of time is very small. Today, with the availability of EPO, the strength of anti-Rawat sentiments will obviously increase as all steak-feeding increases. I guess the profits outweigh the disadvantages, but you would have to ask Elan Vital about that.

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