The Dead Seed Scrolls

Prem Rawat's disciples believe that their master's wisdom can't be fathomed, that he's the most knowledgeable man on earth, that he can't be challenged by any intellectual - that he's a unique. We tend to think this is a big mystification, and that the 'master' doesn't know much of what he is trying to talk about - maybe because he spends too much time watching TV, or because he never came back to school after his last primary school vacation.

We've gathered here some of the most undecipherable words of wisdom.

The Amaroo Participation Meeting : One of Prem Rawat's most mysterious teachings.

How you eat, so you become : What's been the master's diet ?

We live in such a strange world : Malibu must be a very strange place.

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We Live in Such a Strange World

Ottawa, Canada 24/2/74:

You see, today the world is getting really strange. It's like, if I do anything wrong, all the credit goes to you because I did it wrong. ... Like if a robber comes into someone's house and robs it, and the guy happens to be awake, and he shoots him down. He says, "Look at me! I'm brave! I'm a hero!" This is the way that mentality is coming to man.

It is really hard for him to understand that this is why he cannot be humble; and when he cannot be humble, it's like it only takes one thing and it triggers everything off. All it takes is selfish desires, is selfishness. And that turns on ego, that turns on anger, that turns on ALL THOSE THINGS that a man needs to destroy himself, to ruin himself. Just one thing and it's all triggered off.

But if that one thing is taken out by really understanding who you are, then everything is fine.

I was giving an example in Montreal, oh no, in Toronto, that people are going around and saying, "Son of a gun" to other people because they do not understand whose son they are, who that human being is. But can you imagine a cannon, instead of throwing out these big bombs, shooting out little babies? But because people do not understand, they say, "You are a son of a gun" or "You are a so and so", "You are a so and so" and they shoot each other; and that's a very common thing. You switch on a television in Los Angeles on Sunday night and that's what you'll find, even on a very famous show.

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