Maharaji's Personal Finances

Maharaji's personal finances are quite complicated. He has shares in a few premie companies and gets regular income from them. He also receives regular donations to his personal bank account: an estimated $20,000 per month or more. He gets some of these donations at darshan programs, and also gets a lot of direct financial gifts from premies.
It is often said in "participation meetings" that Maharaji prefers people to send him money rather than personal gifts that he might not need.

Premies are encouraged to offer him donations, and are told that it's a way to avoid paying taxes on the money. Maharaji's bank account number and address are made available to premies in case they want to make donations to him personally.

Maharaji also receives a lot of gifts from premies. Premies are "allowed" to serve him and his family by working as domestics at his residences, as drivers, as security personel for his children, and so forth. These are considered to be very choice positions by devotees, and many perform this unpaid "service" regularly for years. Maharaji gets volunteer help to build and maintain his residences. When he's traveling, he can often get gifts of anything he wants: suits for himself in Italy, clothing for his wife and daughters in Paris, etc. His holidays are often financed by the premies of the country he is visiting.

Maharaji will often let premies know if he wants some special item such as a car, a house, a piece of property, etc. This information is passed along to influential premies, since Elan Vital is not legally allowed to get involved in fundraising for gifts to him. These influential premies have a private network of "friends" who will obtain such items. The gift is then sent to Maharaji privately. As a US citizen, he may receive anything as long as it's a gift.

For tax reasons, Maharaji cannot be seen to receive any profit from what he does. He goes to great lengths to avoid being seen accepting money given directly to him by Elan Vital or any other associated organization, since he would have to pay taxes in the country in which he gets this money. For legal and copyright reasons, he cannot receive any profits from the sale of videos, audiotapes, or publications containing his discourses.

Maharaji takes a lot of time and trouble to show that his job is no ordinary job, and that he is no ordinary human being. He does this by saying that he is only living on the support of the people who believe in him, and that because he has given these people the gift of Knowledge, they should support him in whatever he is doing to bring it to others.

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