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In July 1997 we launched our own Usenet newsgroup for ex-followers of Maharaji. It's at alt.cult.maharaji. Unfortunately not all ISPs are including it in their list of readable groups. If you're running a recent version of either Netscape or Explorer, you can check whether your ISP is including the newsgroup and, if so, go directly to the newsgroup by clicking on alt.cult.maharaji.


Deja News is a great search engine for finding any mention of Maharaji on the Usenet, although the way it dispays threads can make it a bit confusing.

Click here to start a DejaNews search for the most recent posts including the word Maharaji. Click on any of the topics and then use the icons to follow threads.

One of the easiest ways to access the current discussion group in the Usenet is through the DejaNews News Reader. (See below.)


The independent news service provider, Altopia, as a way of getting faster access to newsgroups. It costs $5 a month. Click here to find out more.


Some people are shy about revealing their name or email address when talking about their involvement with Maharaji. Not all news reading/posting programs include an 'Anonymous' option. One way around the problem is to use a free email address from Rocketmail. Click here to register.


Free Agent

One of the problems with using the Internet is it can generate a lot of junk email. Another of Scott's tips is to use Free Agent to read newsgroups and put a false email address in the settings. This is a Freeware program but there is a commercial version which lets you automatically filter out junk messages. (It only seems available as Windows NT and 95.) Click here to download.


Other Newsgroups

There's a variety of newsgroups which discuss new-age religions and cults such as the one led by Maharaji.

If you come across any other interesting examples, let us know by clicking here.


(Allow for up to an 8 hour post-to-read delay.)

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