Prem Rawat's comments - Training, 2nd July 1999

This is the original transcript of Maharaji's comments on the fifth and final day of a training session that took place in Miami in 1999. The transcript was written by Chuck Nathan, and the only edits that have been done are the replacement of attendees names with initials, and a few very obvious spelling corrections.



How are you all doing? We can fix that. Any questions? Thoughts, ideas?
(Comment re using "and" to circumvent 10-second rule?)
I thought we prohibited that. (Saying "and").
Normal. Definitely not intentional. Used to be much worse. I've actually asked them to pipe down a bit. They have a very difficult role. Their role is to move you along. They don't get to decide the direction. They have to see where you go. Sometimes even I feel let's stop the whistle. But I've told them once we decide something, let's stick with it. I don't think they mean disrespect. I don't think it was intentional. They are all nice people. Sometimes it's a bit jarring. It may seem disrespectful, but it's not intentional. Who did you feel was disrespectful?

(J and V)

One is French and one is Italian.
I know them both. I can assure you it was not intentional. You know one of the things I've learned, when I go for flight training. They always give you a sep sim instructor. If the sim instructor is a very nice guy, you know you've really in for it. They're really nice until they get you in the box. Because he's going to throw everything at you. He's push you until you fall over the ledge. Then there are those who are really mean looking, but they're easier on you.

(C asks V and J if they meant any disrespect)

That comes from you not from them. What they've done is very flat, very linear. They're not shouting at you. They can't answer questions. Instructions have been given. The idea is look to the team for answers, not to them.
Their behavior evokes certain things in you. The word is evokes. And that evoking is happening on your part, not on their part. This phenomenon exists in flight safety. There are students who are having a rough time and they blame the instructors. It's misplaced frustration, misplaced judgement. I hear them say what they say and I don't hear them say anything offensive. I'm really sensitive to that. It's really coming from within you. Yesterday B blew his whistle really loud and I had to tell him to quiet down calm down.
But it is your problem. If they really wanted to be offensive, they could. It's really coming from within you. What you're doing is a classic defense. It's not my fault; it's the way he said it. You understand? That happens to me too. I go in situations in training and you get a little apprehensive and when that apprehension is there you turn it around. It's like when a cop pulls you over on the freeway and you say he was too and he was too. A classical human defense. They could have done this better.

(J says she reacted too and then saw it was coming from her attitude)

If they really came in and said honey, would you like to do this exercise, you'd be really surprised when I come.
No, it's not intentional. To do what we need to do in five days is impossible. So its push push push push. What we're trying to do is get to that sediment layer. That we never touch in our lives. There's a lot of defense, that's me. What people realize is, no I didn't change, all that stuff I thought was me wasn't me. Now I'm a lot freer to go on, to evolve. That's not what I want. I didn't know how to make that separation. It's a constant push push push to get to that layer. Then once you do its not a hard process.

(C asks about flight crew teams)

Yes conflicts arise between flight crew teams. My understanding is you cannot fix a mistake. A mistake is a mistake. The conflicts that arise in a crew environment are conflicts that come from personal problems, not operational issues. I don't like this guy. If he says left, I'm going to go right. You can't create rules that will take care of that. Once that happens, you're in a pickle.
In Nagoya, the pilot was a hired pilot and the copilot was with the airlines. The copilot wanted to protect the interests of the airline. They started fighting with each other. The pilot pushed the yoke and copilot pulled. They were fighting with other through the yoke. In the process as the plane was coming down, the plane landed too far down the runway and crashed. Why do conflicts happen? There are conflicts here that you have witnessed every day. At one point the conflict was between people sitting there and here. Now there are still people who think everyone is an idiot. Let's compromise, let's do it my way. They will sink the boat. In their attitude they fail to acknowledge the obvious. The obvious is no one person can do everything. You need a team. Also they fail to acknowledge if they become a leader, the team will make sure their balls blow up. I know its funny, but do you know that's what's happening in corporate America. The employees saying we hate that SOB. They want his balls. Because what the leader isn't seeing is there are people just like him. Do you know of a single person being a leader of DLM/EV, where the people weren't working at his balls the first day he took office? On the outside all smiles, but silently planting the dynamite. So whoever is leader doesn't see the obvious. You have no idea how much money is spent to woo everyone. They take them on outings. Even then he ends up with those people who are trying to blow him up. The whole system of everyone is an idiot, that system is doomed. People think is it's usable, but it doesn't work anywhere. But people want to resort to that system, not realizing the consequences. I've seen that system. I've seen wonderful people with genuine interest being worked on since day one. Sometimes it starts with jokes, imitating. If the guy stutters, it will start with that. Crack a joke, innocently at first. They each person cracks a joke. Now there's a lobby. Then each of those goes and does the same joke and create another group of people who are on the other side. It permeates. Then it goes on to serious stuff. What I understand is that let's not have leaders. Let's have one vision. Not team's vision. Team is not a vision. They don't create an agenda. The agenda is what we feel in our hearts, our passion, our understanding of K, life. From those the passion that is generated, the wanting to serve, wanting to play a role in something incredible Something that's incredible has to be done in a way that is incredible. And to bring together a group of people who care the same passion, to bring those people together, to give them effectively tools to work together in a unified way. So that whatever happens in UK or Nepal or India is somehow synchronized, is somehow real, that the team isn't just there to put out the fires, but to go beyond that. To have the ability to change those things that should be changed. If you look at it in retrospect, these are the tools that have been given to you. Whether you want to accept these tools, work with these tools, be a part of the team, that's up to you. I can't force you. That's some understanding that you have to come up with. To me I think a copilot is a pain in the butt. That was my attitude for a long time. I've been with copilots that had no idea what they were touching. Then I've realized sometimes I'm tired and not capable of performing. So I've realized the copilot is a good thing. Qualified copilot. Gulfstream is really designed to work with a team of 2.

One time I arrived at the airport, there's no one there. Plane's locked up. B and Marilyn and copilot were supposed to be there. They were quite a few minutes away. I sat in the car getting pretty pissed off. They're supposed to be here. Then I realized it was a really bad attitude. Because the objective was to get the plane ready. So I found the keys, unlocked the door and started working on getting the plane ready, getting fuel, getting preflight done. OK they aren't here. By the time they came most of the work was done. By the time they came everything was done. The person dispatching the flight had miscalculated the time, adding instead of subtracting 3 hours. So late do you think we were taking off? It was an on time departure.
It's very easy to find fault with other people. But when do we ask why did his actions create this feeling in me? The world changes when we begin to accept 50% responsibility, not 51 and not 49. It's a very dif mode of existence. But if somebody messes up, that you hired, how many will say he messed up and how many will say 50% responsibility is mine cause I hired him. Next time I'll be more careful when I hire someone. Deepak who heads up the teams. When he started he said I'm afraid of making mistakes. I said don't be afraid of making mistakes but don't make the same mistake twice. And he took it to heart. And things in India are proceeding very smoothly. Have you learned that in this training? Don't make the same mistake twice. 50% resp. I certainly hope you understand that. (Facilitator checklist - exercise on 50% resp?)

Ex-premie site - people tell me we should do something. I said do we want to run our lives based on them. I said let's go on. Let's do what we want to do. Our actions should be determined by our Vision, not reacting to them. Shouldn't be that. You should dictate your life, your existence in this world, based on the inspiration that comes from the heart, and to limit truly, to know the difference between the mind and the heart, a lot of people get them confused too easily. But to live this life to its fullest where every day is meaningful. And it's simply amazing how much crap we've accepted and stored. And so much of that crap we've accumulated prohibits us from making every day meaningful. So there's a lot of goodies in life and a lot of terrible things as well. I really don't want to smile because somebody tells me to smile. I want to smile because I feel like smiling, because I've positioned myself in a place where I feel like smiling.
I don't know if you want to be a victim of your own anger, jealousy, fears, ignorance. Because that ignorance that's inside of you will be the greatest victim of it. The anger that's inside of you, you will be the greatest victim. This is what we came for.

(J - thanks - most accelerated and profound and effective getting to core issues - thanks you M and K)

You're welcome. The day isn't over yet.

(J - surgery - rotorooter - with kindness)

These things, getting rid of them can really free you.

(15 minute break)

C, where you find yourself today, are you happy with that?
If heaven really was above and there was a staircase, you really can't complain about the height of the steps. Us being very professional people, of course it was intentional.

Facilitators - just observe - no help, no comments, no clarifications, no whistles, no timekeeping - just observe. Today is a demo day - you won't hear any whistles. You're going to wish you did. Because in that whistle you are reminded. Depends. Depends on how much you follow the rules.

(S late) Let him in. Someone should brief him.

Facilitators note down every violation. Just don't whistle.

(V gives instructions for Puzzle Exercise)

(When team stands up and starts talking)

Well done. No penalties. I think everyone made good effort. So that was nice to see. It can be done. You can follow the rules. Having said all that, it's just a damn kindergarten puzzle. People get so happy. Bratty like kids could do it in 3 minutes. We can trip ourselves up when the task is really simple. This task requires a lot of trust. Everyone wants to be part of it. The guy looking at from the top vs. bottom vs. left vs. right all see a different picture. One person can easily do this.

Basically there were still brain farts. Winning, that was a big thing. You hear the word win and you want to change something. I was saying to the groups, do you know what you're going to win? Following the rules has to become second nature. You have to step back and truly present a proposal that presents something valuable, rather than saying I have to say something, I have to assert. A brain fart in one group was stopped when someone said I object - that was good. There's an exercise coming up that will lead you down the sour path - final day, final exercise - you don't know when it's coming. If you don't watch it, it will feel like the first day. Stay with it, you're doing good. The winning took you out of it. You let yourself be tripped up by the word win. When you become a team, a group winning has no significance if the team doesn't win. There There's a sports blooper tape I have, guy running down football field - everyone's looking at him in total disbelief - fans, both teams looking - he's getting close to end and breaking out in a smile and get's to end and throws down the ball and everyone looking in total disbelief - then he finally realizes he ran the wrong way. He won. Right? But that's not the kind of winning you want.
Remember that example of Ram. It's not the cleverness; it's the obedience. It's so easy to want to be clever. Let me say something that will dazzle them. Sometimes brilliance is not even needed because everything is proceeding fine. But someone will raise their hand.

(V gives instructions for next Puzzle Exercise)

Still the same kindergarten puzzle. In fact, they are the same exact puzzles. Age group from the box, 3-5. Cute. If we watch this in slow motion as you were leaving, Colin said something. What he as proposing was the lack of performance for the entire team due to the lack of performance because of one group? What do you think of that proposal?
You're still trapped in the win. Win that might have actually contributed to the whole team winning. Sacrifice performance. So in an event situation, the last team can come with me on the airplane. So no one wants to be the first team. So everyone finishes preparations 5 minutes before the event.
Secondly, how many groups were there? Where was the majority of the puzzle? Minority of the puzzle? How many pieces? What if one person from each group had brought their pieces to the middle and put them together? What would have happened? Do you think one person from each group could have solved a kindergarden puzzle that was for age 3-5. Hard to trust, though, isn't it? Hard to let go. And if you're not succeeding, come back and someone else can go. Would that work? One group had the idea, let's all go to the center. What if all the groups decided that? Simple clear logic gives way to something else. And then the rush begins because a tone has already been set for winning. I upped the anty by saying tea with M knowing very well that I wouldn't have to do that. The tone is set. I would certainly think a thought like that would affect the group. Muddles the clarity. Such a rush to get up and go. You're going to cause confusion. It always causes confusion. At events in India, when people get up, it causes massive confusion. When people sit down, it's OK. To watch an orderly fashion take place is very rewarding. It doesn't take any more time.
No whistles. You miss them? A little bit? Well that's gone. Counting. That's supposed to be your resp, not someone counting. Listening has got to be tweaked. Got to listen.
Maybe it didn't dawn on you, but had a strategy been worked, do you think that solution would have surfaced? Most of the instructions that will come from me will be very simple. I'm a very simple person. I don't want my life complicated. When people come to me I offer them the simplest possible solution. Things will come to you that are utterly simple and you might try to make them utterly complicated. The biggest disease is to get into this mode: "Do Do" mode. A person of average intelligence, given a 3-5 age group puzzle, how long do you think it should take? 2,3,4,5 minutes? How much time was given? 17 minutes. So you could have had 12 minutes to spare or strategize. 5 minutes to do. And helping.
I love puzzles. I really do. I can put them together very quickly. All the ones that go on the edge are straight. It doesn't matter where you put them. Every time you get one more right piece, it's a nonlinear mathematical progression, towards the solution. A simple exercise. Requires you to get away from the DO DO mode and actually enjoy. That's how you want to approach whatever you do. And not cause violations. Because that will cost you time. In real time, talking on top of each other will cost you time: 10,20,30 minutes. Being concise and precise will save you time.
Trust. For the group to say we're going to send one person out. Go over there and put the puzzle together. I has to go. We has to come in. You may operate that way, but someone else doesn't. When we were coming here, flying here, we got airborne at 12,000 feet., on the Gulfstream there's a shade you can draw. It's nice to do it with 2 hands so it comes out right. I said to the copilot you grab the wheel and then I fixed the shade. And then I took back the wheel. Was that a good way? There's an autopilot, I could have used that. What if I don't trust this guy? He should trust me and I should trust him. In your group, do you trust the people?
Please follow the rules.


One comment that T made is that in the last exercise is that the solution in one of the groups came from W but there was so much brain farting that no one listened. It's not a matter of reputation. Wherever the wisdom comes form it comes from.

(V announces Silent Paragraph Exercise)

We had some problems. Thinking like group, team disappeared. Group is the only thing that existed. Everyone wanted to hog the fax. One group had it and wanted to solve the problem, but two other groups were waiting for the information. They didn't pass it along. Was winning mentioned? The mode was there. You ended up sabotaging each other. People writing on top of each other. Is the task so important as to break the rules? Had you followed the rules you would have easily gotten there. Had you thought as a team.
M gives them the solution to the exercise. Everyone wanted to solve the problem for themselves. To hell with group l, the phantom strikes again. You took almost an hour. In retrospect a very simple exercise. What prolonged it? What would you attribute it to?
Now that there are no more whistles, are you going to go to default mode? When somebody speaks softly, it's such a distraction. Are you starting to miss the whistles yet?
What happened from this morning? We only started 3 and a half hours ago? Around 10:01 we came back to resume. In 2 and a half hours. That's it? That's our attention span to follow the rules? Here you have another typical case. A writes on the board "relax" - the right idea. Wisdom sometimes comes from the west. You've got dif groups but one team. Would you trust each other to pass on that info?

It's not that difficult. This is an exercise that's very close to real world situation. How's that work with faxes? I've been in hotel rooms where one of the services is a fax machine in the living room. On several occasions it's run out of paper. So I check it for enough paper before I give Kathy my fax number. You ask housekeeping and they don't know about it because it's a service that management provides. I've sometimes removed a few sheets and kept them as reserve. How are you going to communicate? Some of you are going to be in Florida, Texas, Canada .. For every meeting, two times a week, do you want to fly? A lot of it is going to be fax, phone, email. Would you like the instructors to make up their schedule and keep it, not share it? Would you like me to let you know my schedule? By the logic shown by some of the groups, I should just show up, not announce my schedule to everyone.

One group got split in two. One half didn't even realize a fax had arrived. Day one type of dynamics.

(15 minute break)

Let's make the lifelong rules.
So what do we want to do? Any suggestions?
(Conscious, remember, trust, practice, listen, responsibility, appreciate, obey)

(P asks what M's word is)

You mean you're the only one who remembered that? Right now we've got 8 rules.
First of all I think you should consider if you want 8 rules. Between taking a leak and brushing your teeth, and trying to remember 8 rules, you make forget to take a duff.
How can we approach this so it is very simple? Something that reminds us to be conscious, that includes conscious. Something that we don't have any problem remembering, something that we can trust, that reminds us to practice, that reminds us to listen, that reminds us to be resp, that reminds us to appreciate, and something that we really should obey. Thinkk about it.

(People say M)

How many agree with that? S?

(S: K)

K, courtesy of.
Trouble is, K doesn't remind you about K. It takes M to remind you about K, to practice it. Remember I talked about how M embodies all these qualities. Not a person's name. Chances are incredible that whoever is going to be Master after me will probably be called M. So, there is a lot there. And is that the way you want to proceed or do you want all the varied rules? It's something you don't have to give too much thought to, because you know what the rule is. And you should because if you're going to do service, do something for M, I'm doing it for myself, but also I'm doing it for M. And whatever consequences will be there, will be good, not bad consequences. And M is the one who reminds me to be conscious. Well? Is that the rule we unanimously want? Anybody want to subtract something from it, add something to it? It's up to you. Keep it like that and you'll be in synch with the last group.

So, that's easy, right? Easy enough. What happens to the other rules? So they're going to be there in the background, paying attention, Or do they get merged into this? This means that plus. Hello. I thought I lost you. I thought you were being overcome by instantaneous combustion. OK. Good. Day isn't over yet.

I want you to enjoy your lunch. If you can. But you got to keep in mind certain things that happened not too long ago. You can't do that. There's a seriousness involved here. The ownership. I don't know if you want to take that. I think you do. SO do it. The exercise that you're going to have after lunch is a little bit cumbersome. It will require some special, extra M, so to say.


216 pmm
EVV starts envelope exercise)

You turned the envelopes upside down and you took a large amount of risk. I must say that every other group treated the envelopes very carefully. Whatever they did was reversible. The problem is he did it so quickly with no regard. The same attitude as on the first day. Your volunteer was not in synch with your wishes. The team's wish was that a careful exploration be done. But the reason the person volunteered was he felt why is everyone getting into all this discussion, let's just go ahead.

Remember in the maze exercise. It has to be a reversible situation so there is no harm. But if you can't reverse it, if you cannot restore. If some one was to book a hall on their own accord and make a deposit, it's not a reversible situation. Your deposit is gone. It's irreversible. How far can you go until it's not irreversible. So you can go to a certain extent. But the attitude is very important. It's like you go for a demo ride in a car. What's the purpose of a demo ride? You drive and if you don't like it, you can back out of it. And you ride carefully. If not, you've bought a car. But here you have a person who you've sent to test drive a car on your behalf who doesn't really care so he's driving very recklessly. At this stage of the game, it's not lethal. Once in a while it may pay off, but 99% of the time it gets you in the sewage face first. So even at this stage of the game, because now it's an irreversible situation, it could be forfeited, because that would be the appropriate thing to do. And in fact, the team could have stopped that from happening by laying out careful guidelines. I think you assumed he was going to be very careful and take it step by step. Have you ever seen when the police come to a crime scene, they handle it very carefully so not to disturb the crime scene. That's what you were expecting to happen. But he just came over and grabbed it.
And T you were trying to save time, but it actually cost time. That's where go with the flow helps. 2 days, 2 hours, 30 minutes, maybe it would be good to object. But 5 minutes isn't a long time, why contest it? There was an anxiousness to explore. In the anxiousness the gameplan was dropped. The proposal to open the envelopes was established very quickly. Then a lot of other comments that were totally useless. You could have used that time to establish a procedure.

I'll tell you what happened. I was in Israel. The guy who was driving me to the airport pointed out the airport security. If they think you are a jew, they won't stop us. So guess what? Something is going along. It was going along quite well. There were some ups and downs. But then it became harder and harder to get one proposal through. Then people became individualistic. It's not a problem if you keep yourself reversible. The vision will come from upstairs. Why can't we go to some new places to do events, M said. M the other day said, why the same old places. You'll be left with this great unknown. Does that mean we look for another place. Do we or don't we? Gee, we should go to Tennessee.
Are you going to turn on a massive search engine? People have to be able to come, a place where flights are easily available. In US, Miami to LA is inexpensive, but Miami to Jacksonville is very expensive. London to India is cheaper than London to Athens. Isn't that funny?
Middle of a hurricane season? Can people really come? Thunderstorms are really violent in the summer in the US. Tornado warnings in Iowa, Oklahoma. So, a lot of things have to be considered. Where people can conveniently come, halls are there, not a little hicktown where press has nothing else to do. Some due consideration. Then you get a beautiful hall, got the airport, then the accommodations for me are 90 miles away. Setting up an event is not a joke. A lot of people think, just get us the word and we'll do it. Those days are gone.
Infrastructure, hall, security, safety, exits and entrances. In US, it's such a diverse country. E.g. shower door laws. America is one of these places. You can have Santa Monica Blvd., St, parking lot, city. I had that happen to me in Calgary. It was supposed to be street and they printed street and people showed up at the wrong place.

Interesting. Very very interesting. I know this is just an exercise. I came up with this one. It gets everyone. All the comments, all the proposals. They said the same exact thing in India, including nothing needs to be done, this is just a statement for us. That was said in India. How similar. Last team did the same thing. Exactly. They never got a chance to finish. You got close. Indians did it. One guy took them all out and had trouble putting them in order. It is irreversible. Due care. Due care which I believe most of you had, but then you get one person who has their individual thing happening. Unless you can do the whole thing by yourself. If you can do the whole thing, great. We'll clone you. DNA with a sheep. Then the event can be organised by the sheep.

Do you have any idea what it takes to pull together a tour? In London, Barcelona, W. Africa, So. Africa, Mauritius. Everyone has to find halls in that sequence, which is next to impossible. Can one person do that? In Adjidan they decided to shut down the phone system. In one place we went to find the hall, no electricity, no nothing. We were told pay us our payback and you can have electricity and AC. So we paid. And then the telephone board decided to shut off the phone. So only the plane satellite was avilable for communication. Then there's India., all these rural places. You can't even bring enough water with you. That water is deadly. One guy decided that human faeces would make good manure. It's fine if it's decomposed. They dug it out, 73-78 degrees and E coli grew in the dust, and you are breathing it. Like in England the greatest polution is from dog faeces. Another benefit of having a dog. You can have dog faeces forever. In India the water gets contaminated by E. Coli. The Delhi ashram is safe though, you don't get sick. The water is very pure. Even if people take a day trip into Delhi they come back puking.

It's going to take a team. To put together events it's going to take a team. But if you don't believe in a team you'll have to try to do it yourself and burn out and be history. So the lone ranger strikes again. The lone ranger is the hidden phantom. FU, the phantom strikes again.

You can't reverse the situation any more. Do you want that? It's not a big deal with this exercise. None of them have been a big deal. If we approach them with a team concept and follow the rules it works fine.

Do you still have any doubts about the rules and the team. I think it's been demonstrated that they work very well. But if bites you if someone becomes a lone ranger.

(15 minute break)

Anybody who is not here raise your hand? Why are you laughing? That's what you were doing the first day. I agree. I disagree.

(V announces Trolley Exercise)

I wanted you to succeed in that. Really it's all about synchronizing with that person. Some of you decided to put that count person in the middle. But if things try to converge, if you need to stop suddenly, then you've got two controllers. Good idea because everyone can hear, but does itoutweight the problems you mightencounterr?

Right off the way some people walked into the acid. All those things have a meaning. But the solution. If all the groups had been working with the solution, it worked have worked fine. The 3 planks thing is in there so a bridge can't be made. So people think they have to use 3 planks.

I think there was a lot of divine intervention. I didn't want you to feel ramroded so I said that's a solution. Another thing that was interesting is that R's group had the most experience but did the worst. T's group had one blindfolded person and it was very nice to see them concerned about her and she said it was OK. It's easy to think they are a big liability. But it's the other people in front and back of her who are the liability because of overconcern for the blind person, overconcern and it becomes distracting.

Is it really hard work? No. One person alone could lift the plank. Why not put the blind person second so you can offload them early?

Safety became an issue. Paula was walking around in the most dangerous place possible. Yes you do have concern but just one person sit with them. Be their eyes. That's enough. You don't have to give them a massage. There's a limit to it.

Solution was there. People wanted to find other solutions. Would they have worked? No. The thing is designed to do it a certain way. You can go off in your imagination. One mistake and everyone wanted to call it quits. That's why you're trying it out. Just don't repeat the mistake. Those people who were conscientious and synchronized, it worked really well for them.

Did you follow the rules? I think you tried. You got really excited at one point. A really easy can be made really difficult if people aren't synchronized.

So it was good. But you did bust your time limit. Any questions? How did it feel to you?

(V gives instructions for Strengths/Weaknesses form.)

Be honest. Don't get overcarried away for you self-sympathy. These are the forms that will be used for evaluation. So be careful.
(What's Human Resources?)
Identifying people who would like to help do service at Amaroo or ushering or whatever. Follow-up is after receiving K. New people receive K and follow-up.
(Are strengths work experience or qualities?)
I think you are looking for qualities more than work experience. Second part is connected to your work experience.
(What's facilitator?)
Be able to yell at people. A facilitator for these trainings. When teams get formed after the conference, and a problem occurs on a team they can help. But you have to be mean. Basically with the facilitator we take you to the zoo. If the lion runs away, then you can be a facilitator. If you can outgrowl the lion.
(What's financial resources)
Counting doesn't count. Machines can do that. Working with people.
(What's introductory?)
Introductory events. New people who come who have never heard about M. Make a video available to them.

OK you're an astronaut. That won't really help us. Whatever your professional skills can bring us, that's fine. Like confusion, dark thoughts, ability to not follow the rules 100%. I'm just being facetious. No no. This is not a trick. This is not a setup. This is not your IQ test either.

Come on, it can't be that difficult. Name. That might be. It doesn't specify whose.

OK. Enough is enough already. All done?

(V - next task - 6 groups - 3 tasks - how to communicate amongst each other; how to merge with the other teams that have gone through training; how to change so the training will stay alive)

This was not an exercise right? I said time was up, time was up.

There will hopefully be two other conferences in the US. I was listening to what that group was saying. Let's not assume that everyone is computer savvy or that everyone wants to get into it. There is a team which is called the international team and believe me email is no solution. When they are in Africa, they can't even access it. It's not there yet with internet. There will a lot of discussion during the next few years because a lot of people are getting hate mail and spending a lot of time just doing emails instead of their work. But work out a way to communicate. Be very careful with numbers. Spouse, friends see these numbers. I see bright future provided you can integrate with existing teams. Big international team, instructor team. European team. Some of are status quo. Amaroo team. India team. There are teams. Eventually integration will begin. There was also a question about how to integrate with people locally. I wouldn't worry. I don't want you to start training people. I'm talking specifically premies. Let's play M.

I think you all have a lot of potential. You really do. It may sound like I trust in you more than yourself. But I've seen a lot of people. You have a lot of potential. Things may have happened that you didn't care about, yelling , etc. But here you are. It's an unpredictable path in this training. It's not predetermined how the training goes. The idea is to push push push. I think there is something completely different than the first day. If you say enjoyed it, it's a funny kind of enjoyment. There's K, M, yourself, an opportunity to do service in a way that's going to make a difference. Thank you very much.

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