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- Maharaji speaking to the community coordinators about their duty to him (November 11, 1975 in Orlando, Florida):

"There is nothing much to say except that you have a duty to perform by Guru Maharaj Ji's agya. You have an agya to fulfill before you that there is no escape from - unless you want to escape the truth, the realism of this life, that devotion."

"If you have any questions about your duty, about your service, that pertain to me, ask me. If you don't, that automatically means that you are going to go out and hold the responsibility of the duty that has been assigned to you. Right? I mean, do I make myself clear? Yes?"

[Someone asks Maharaji a question: " Some of us have received this service by default. Somebody might have left, or no one else would take it."]

"It doesn't matter. Do you understand yourself as a premie who has realized this Knowledge or not? You are a premie. Right? When you received this Knowledge, you dedicated your life to me. Right? If you are so fake and phony as to refuse your duty, as to regret your duty, then I don't think you are even a premie. And if you are a premie and have dedicated your life to Guru Maharaj Ji and you want to do service to Guru Maharaj Ji, it doesn't matter what service Guru Maharaj Ji assigns to you. "

- Maharaji telling premies how to pray to him ( November 8, 1978 in Kissimmee, Florida):

"Like I was saying yesterday, you say:
'If You could find any place, any point, anywhere, anything, if You could just find a little place for me, then just please stick me in somewhere, because I want to be on Your boat, and I want to be with You so desperately. I am already indebted to You. Don't expect anything from me, I will do whatever I can by Your Grace, but don't expect -- I'm already too much indebted to You.'

"How can I ever repay You, what can I ever do? And I can't pay You even if I have the whole wealth of this entire world: When I can't even pay You with that, Guru Maharaj Ji, then what have I got, what is there that I can give to You?'

'And You give me so much. You give me that affection. You give me that Love and I keep taking it. I never even think about, oh Guru Maharaj Ji, what can I give You? I mean, if there are people that can be called 'the worst' then here I am, it's me. If there is somebody who is the worst of the bunch, here it is, it's me, and the more You see that it's me then please help me more, please.'

"And, even what right do we have to plead to Guru Maharaj Ji? Who are we, you know, who are we that we can even plead to Guru Maharaj Ji and say please, or talk to Guru Maharaj Ji, or look at Guru Maharaj Ji? But we do it."

-Maharaji speaking about the necessity of faith in him (August 27, 1978, Philadelphia, PA):

"Guru Maharaj Ji has not only promised us, but given us more than he has promised.
Always. And as that battle begins, the things get even more intense. And if that faith is not there, if that faith is not completely in Guru Maharaj Ji, you're going to fall in so many fragments that you wouldn't be able to count them yourself. "

- Maharaji speaking about how the Knowledge techniques are worthless without his grace (November 12, 1977, Rome):

"You know, some people might say, 'Well, anybody can tell this Knowledge to anybody.' Oh yeah, sure, in the German newspaper a long time ago, in the German magazine, they have disclosed everything. And I am pretty sure that people sat down and tried it out. What else have they got to do? They see something, see the name, name is like the guarantee, the name is like the good thing behind the product, and there they are and they go, 'Oh man great, this is mission, this is what they say, this is what they do.' And on the other hand, I am a hundred per cent positive they didn't get one bean worth out of it. Because that's not the way it works. It's just not the way it works. It's only by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace. And that's a fact."

- Maharaji speaking about working at a job versus going to his events:

"If I were a premie and I had a job the only reason why I would work and save up some money is to be able to go to festivals. I mean that really sums it up. Why? Because, yes, you are going into this world. You know, it's like you're walking into the fire with a fire suit on. To be able to come, to be able to make yourself stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger, so that when the time comes then Guru Maharaj Ji can give you the grace of becoming an initiator; if not an initiator, of giving you any service. You know?" (November 13, 1977, Rome)

"You know, this is like what I said; that man I could work, I could have a job, I could do this, and I could do that, but the only reason that I would even want to work is to be able to just come to these satsangs and enjoy them. So what else is there in this world?" (November 8, 1978. Kissimmee, Florida)

- Maharaji speaking about stopping the mind (July 27, 1972, Montrose, Colorado):

"So what is the means we can apply to absolutely jam this mind? There's only one way - to give it to someone else. If we give our mind to someone who can jam it and then give it back to us in a higher position, that's the best thing. And that's why disciples say, 'Guru Maharaj Ji, please take my mind.' Now I don't do an operation on them, because the mind is not like that. But what I do is burn the part which runs too fast and jam it. And then it can run with the right speed, the speed that is required of it."

- Maharaji talking about the antichrist (November 1973, Houston, TX):

"So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the time. Just imagine me as a cowboy with guns pulled on you telling you to receive Knowledge. And you'd better. Imagine me like that, okay? Many people say, 'You are a fake. You are antichrist.' You know what I do? Give 'em a big smile. Because man, when antichrist comes on their heads, they won't know. He's going to be professional."

- Maharaji speaking about his grace (November 8, 1978, Kissimmee FL):

"When you give up all your hopes, when everything is dead, when everything is gone, when everything is over, when it's all finished, it's all gone, it's all dead, and when that true surrender for even a moment strikes you, Guru Maharaj Ji comes and picks you up, and takes you to His oasis. He takes you to His place where you always wanted to be. And you know, I mean that's so wonderful, it's so incredible. Do we really deserve that, to even be able to go back to the oasis?

"I mean, who are we to be able to deserve to go back to the oasis? What have we done in this life that might be worth it? Nothing. It's just tumbling boo-boos one after another, one after another; that's all we've done in this life. But that's not the way how we'll be able to really get out of here. Out of this mind. Only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. Only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Love. Only by Guru Maharaj Ji's affection."

"So that mind, that factor that's always against us, can get us; it has the potential of getting us. What I'm trying to say, is that I'm not trying to kid you when I say that the mind can zap you, the mind can get you. It can get you. And we have to be aware of that, and do something, and the only thing we can do to avoid that, is to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji."

- Maharaji speaking about how stupid initiators are (November 8, 1978. Kissimmee, FL):

"Initiators are not these rainbows that you imagine, and as a matter of fact to me, every time that they get up there and give all this satsang, I fell like we should take that satsang they give, print it and send a copy of that satsang to that Initiator. 'Make that effort, dummy.'

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