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The following is an excerpt of a conversation over M's claims, between Ex-Followers and Premies on the Forum.

Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 11:37:48 (EST)
From: Jean-Michel
To: Everyone
Subject: Need help
I'm working on 'my' new website's new pages !
I intend to have a page with some of the BM's most
famous and outrageous claims and quotes.
I already have a few of them :
DUO proclamation
The 'rotten vegetable' stasang (question & answer)
Interviews of the BM on :
mind and confusion
I'll be very glad any of you posting here the most outrageous quotes you have, or email them to me.
I've read some in recent posts, but I don't remember where they are.
If you send me any materials, please tell me where it's been published, otherwise some might say they've been forged.
I also intend to have a nice picture gallery, in case anybody needs them.
I'm also working on my Special and secret projects page.
Deca, Amtext, NSA, etc
If anybody wants to write anything on this, you're the most welcome.
As it's not going to be secret anymore, please feel free to post,
so that everybody can share the joy you've experienced in your
involvement !

Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 12:01:29 (EST)
From: RT
To: Jean-Michel
Subject: have a second helping!

Hi Jean-Michel
I did a lot of serve-us at DECA and can contribute. When your site is up, I will compose myself!

Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 13:07:37 (EST)
From: Jean-Michel
To: RT
Subject: The site is up !
Go check at:

Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 14:50:31 (EST)
From: CD
To: Jean-Michel
Subject: The site is up !

Jean-Michel web site:
The Radhasoami Connection

Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 15:47:56 (EST)
From: Jim
To: CD
Subject: Thanks, Chris, most helpful
When you finally die and you're up there and Maharaji's going over your track record, how're you going to explain helping people find the web page housing, amongst other blasphemies, 'Prempal Rawat's Famous Claims'? I know Maharaji has a few communication problems of his own but that doesn't mean he's going to appreciate YOURS. You're going to have to actually answer this one Chris:

'Chris Dickey! Well, well, the famous Mr. 'CD',is it? Mr. 'Certified Microsoft Dickhead', is that what I should call you? Can't keep yourself off the net, can you? In spite of all the love I've given you and everything. And what did I ever ask? Did I ever ask anything in return from you? What did I ask?'

Well, Maharaji, I really enjoy practising..

'That's not what I asked you, you idiot! I asked you, 'what did I ever ask of you?' Now, tell me, what?'

Oh Maharaji, I really enjoy the..

'You stupid, stupid idiot! Did I do this to you? There's no fucking way I did this to you! You're not going to lay this on me! No fucking way. Raja Ji!'

'Yes, Maharaji.

'Raja Ji, did I do this to Chris Dickhead here? Am I responsible for this?'

'No, Maharaji, of course, what? Do what?'

'Did I screw up this guy's BRAIN, stupid? What do you think I'm talking about? Hey, we already know who screwed up YOURS! Christ, is EVERYONE around me a fuckin' moron or what?'

'No, Maharaji, you didn't do anything but give Chris a chance to learn to love you.'

'Right, exactly! So you tell me, what did I ask of him in return?'

Well, I don't know... that he stay off the net?

'That you stay off the net, Dickhead! That you stay off the net! The only thing I ever asked... I gave you all my love, ALL of it, you hear me??!! And the ONE thing I ask, the one simple, fucking, little nothing, like NOTHING, one simple little GESTURE, you know? But NO, Mr. DICKHEAD here.... Mr. CERTIFIED MICROSOFT... you know what 'microsoft' stands for, Chris? Do you? Well 'micro' means 'small', I happen to know, and 'soft' means soft, right? So 'microsoft' means small, limp dick, doesn't it? DOESN'T IT? So you tell me, what the FUCK are you doing --sorry, WERE you doing. You're dead now, buster -- posting on that stupid goddam fuckin slimebag, mind page? Huh?'

'Well, Maharaji, I was just trying to ..

'Yes, yes, what? Trying to what?'

'I.. I forget. I like to practice and I like to play guitar and I have good memories.' Of videos, and you, and beer... and ...

'Oh shut up! I can't take this any longer! Don't you know what's going on here, Chris, you fuckin' bongo? Don't you know why they call it the net? Because it TRAPS you, premieji. Remember all that stuff I used to say about the mind?'

'Yes, some of it.

'Well, you're not supposed to, you know? Not unless I tell you to. Anyway, forget about the mind, it's the net you ahve to watch out for. But what the fuck? You're already dead. I guess you can't do any more damage. Okay, fine. Get out of here.'

'But, Maharaji, ...'

'Yes??! What else do you want to bother me with?'

'Well, do I get to merge with you now or something?'


Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 16:31:41 (EST)
From: x
To: Jim
Subject: Thanks for the laugh
That was a crack up Jim, Maybe you should consider a second career as a comedian. Seriously x

Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 16:48:59 (EST)
From: RT Candles: 4 stars /5
To: Jim.
Subject: Thanks for the laughs!!!
Jim give 'em Heller -Heller
Lie-down comic of da org.
This ain't hiaku,
but butterfies applaud with soft wingtips.

Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 23:46:11 (EST)
From: CD
To: Jim
Subject: Thanks, Chris, most helpful
You are welcome.
It seems that I have brought some well deserved cheer to your rigorous existence as a lawyer and seeker of rational logic in this lifetime.


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