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Excerpt from

Guru Maharaj Ji
Holi, Marbella, Spain
April 29, 1979.

Printed in 'Divine Times'
July/August 1979 - Page 10


There are about seventy - five, seventy - six applicants who have applied to be initiators. I was going through these files. And one after another - and this is only from Europe - it's such a sad story. Because there are these premies, living in the ashram, having a beautiful experience. All of a sudden the mind comes in, kicks them out, even for three days.

You know what I look for in an application ? The section that I look for when I am looking at the application is where it says, "Have you ever left the ashram since first moving in ?" I almost feel like closing it when it says yes. I mean why ? How many times, for how many ages, for how many centuries, are you going to let that mind dominate you ?

This obscene thing cant always keep on going. And Guru Maharaj Ji has given us everything to stop it. Stop it right now. He has given us knowledge, he has given us opportunity, he has given us grace to do satsang, service, and meditation. And we have to all get together an do service and meditation. Everyone of us. Individually. Really just submerge in Guru Maharaji's world. Really just let go to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Because who in this world, who wants us ? Who in this world wants us for keeps ? Maybe when we are little our father says, "Oh I love you, I want you". What is his ambition ? He wants to teach you. It's an investment," he says, "it's an investment. So that when I retire you shall be able to work and feed me and your mother." A concept. Who wants us for keeps ?

Nobody in this world wants us, really. Nobody. Our father doesn't want us, our mother doesn't want us, our brothers don't want us, our uncles don't want us, our aunt doesn't want us, nobody wants us in this world. Except Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji's the only one who says, "come, come now and you can stay forever". Guru Maharaj Ji is the one who says, "You don't have to ever leave. You are home. You can stay at home as long as you want." And that's the kind of opportunity, that's the kind of Grace, that sometimes we kick right in the face.

So premies, we just have to surrender now. Now is the time.


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