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On Person who receives Knowledge,
but doesn't Practice

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But I think the premies who are not meditating, you know what they are doing ? It is, getting three tons of vegetables in their house and not eating it. You know what that means ? When it'll start rotting, phew, it's gotta rot like hell ! And that's the way this Knowledge is. If it was a 'mantra' or something, and you forget it, doesn't matter. But this Knowledge, it's like, you got the vegetables of the whole universe with you. And if you don't meditate, can you imagine how it’s going to rot ?

Question: I received Knowledge, and I was meditating upon it, but then I stopped. Now I am finding it very difficult to start again.

Answer: in India some boys take a match box and they take the tray out, and take out the matches. Then they make a hole in it and joint it with two matches and a string to another tray, then you can talk into it and you can listen. But if the string is broken or a knot is tied in it, it won't work. Or if the string is touching anything, also it will not work. It must be just straight and free. If it is loose also, you cannot talk.

Question: But how does one joint the string when it is broken ?

Answer: if you are trying to tie a knot in it, you will not be successful at all. But Satguru has got a special machine for mending this string, and this is His Grace that will joint it together again, exactly the same as it was before. If He sees someone really trying to mend that string, he will come and help them and make the string the same as it was before.

Question: if someone has received the Knowledge, but never practices, what happens at the judgment time - does he go fast or does he stop ?

Answer: Now, when he has received Knowledge, but is not meditating upon it, a double-top is placed in the carburetor, and the power becomes very restricted. That man has to push himself like this, and jerk out to this place, like an old man climbing up the stairs ? Have you seen a very very old man climbing up the stairs ? How he jerks himself ? Goes and steps
and stops. Goes and steps and stops.

Question: Sometimes he falls down the steps ?

Ans: Yes, that's right.

Question: What happens to people who don't understand and don't practice ?

Answer: Kabir says, if you are standing on a boat and taking someone out of the water, if you can take him out of that river, well and good, take him out. If you can't, then give him two pushes more, otherwise he will bring you down with him. If you are standing in the boat and someone is drowning in the water, take him up if you can. If you can't, then give him two pushes more !

Question: Guru MaharaJ Ji, what happens if somebody takes Knowledge and doesn't practice it ?

Answer: If you don't practice this Knowledge, you will get rotten inside. There is so much energy contained in this Knowledge, just imagine how much harm it will be able to do you if you know it, but do not use it properly.

(The Sayings of Guru Maharaj Ji, Vol. 3 page 62, Published by Divine United Organisation, Shri Sant Yogashram, Hans Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030)


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