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Guru Maharaj Ji about Birth and Sin

Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, London, November 1971

Published by Divine Light Mission - Divine Light Vol 1 No 6 - Excerpts

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Q: GMJ, is there such a thing as original sin?

GMJ: There is something like sin but don't know what is original.

Q: It is a Christian idea.

GMJ: I'm not a Christian, so don't ask me about that idea.

Q: But theologians are always disputing that there is or isn't.

GMJ: If there is something original it is only God. Everything else is artificial. The Christians must understand that, but they can't even understand this simple thing. I don't know. Only one thing is original and that is God. That is the real original thing. I can't call anything more original than that. It is the most real original thing.

Q: But can a new-born baby sin?

GMJ: The thing is this, he is new-born but probably he is carrying his actions within him.

Q: But does he know what sin is?

GMJ: He doesn't know who he is. He doesn't know his father. He doesn't know his mother. He doesn't know what to do. He doesn't know anything.

Q: When I say new-born I don't mean . ..

GMJ: I'll tell you the whole round circle. A man did some sins and he dies. His ego flies with the sins. His soul flies with the things which are good. Right? Now these two things fly and this ego jet tries to follow where the soul goes. Now this soul goes and lands in that little boy - right? - And these bad actions that were being carried by ego also go into that little boy. As soon as he is taught 'I', you know, and he understands 'I', right from there he has done a mistake. And 'I' means ego. Because he understood 'I' he has done a mistake. He does not know it then, but after some time he does know it. And then all these other things start, because he has accepted that ego. And by now that ego has completely landed. First it had not landed, it was just flying around. Soul had landed. It took a birth. But as soon as he said 'I', ego said O.K, land now. And at that moment it has landed.

Q: But doesn't a child in the womb know God?

GMJ: At that time he is doing meditation. He is one in complete meditation, and then he is disturbed in his meditation, and he is taken out. Then he is probably tortured by this world. By the good and bad.

Q: So after many, many lives of striving, can a soul be born and not get this 'I'?

GMJ: Yea. As long as he is accepting 'I', it is O.K, he must be born. I accepted 'I' for seven years. I was born but now I don't accept 'I'. I accepted 'I' when I was a baby, but now I accept 'I' no more, Done. Work finished! No more have I to take any birth or so on. Now I have my reservations on the liberation plane! Non-stop jet to liberation! Understand?

Q: Any free seats?

GMJ: Every seat is free. But it is hard to get there! Because you have to jump, you have to try. That is a bit hard, but it is not so hard. It's on you, you know. Whatever you choose. Anything more?

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