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Do you see yourself as a Divine Authority or not?

  • In New York you told us that you're not a 'realized soul' and that you are a human like we are. In the book, Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?, you are quoted as saying:-

    "When I was six, my Father gave me Knowledge with my brothers in the same room. I was given Knowledge and didn't realise it right away, I knew it was my duty, and I began to meditate, and in about a month I realised it."

    As many of us trusted you because you claimed to have realised Knowledge, can you reconcile these two statements?

  • The song Arti is sung to "the Superior Power in Person". Why do you allow your followers to sing this song to you?

  • When you said "Guru Maharaj Ji is the Supremest Lord in person before us", what exactly did you mean?

  • You have said so much -- and so little -- about death and what, if anything, follows. One premie on Enjoying Life With Knowledge reports the following recent exchange in Pittsburg:

    "After a couple people mentioned the death of a relative or friend, he said that Sri Maharaji had always said that at the time of our death we will only attend to whatever it is we have been attending to in our life. And he said that everything comes and goes - even our breath. Everything; except one thing. But it takes practice to adhere to that one thing."

    First, do you agree that this is a very important issue and any advice you give on the subject is likewise important? If so: -

    Do you think you have been as clear as possible on the subject of death, the effect of practicing Knowledge at or before the time of death and the extent of your understanding of the subject?

    What did you mean when you say that "we will only attend to whatever it is we have been attending to in our life"? What specifically does "attend" mean in this context?

    What fate awaits someone who cannot "attend" to their breath then? How do you know?

  • Do you accept that your past words had the effect of making people think that you were some sort of Divine Authority? Was that your intention?

  • If you didn't or don't see yourself as a Divine Authority then why act like one?

  • In an article that appeared in 'The Sydney Morning Herald' John Macgregor wrote that daily life in your ashrams consisted of singing a devotional prayer called 'Arti' to "the Superior Power in person". After your speeches you used to sit in front of your followers whilst they sung this entire 'Hymn' to you. Are you or are you not the Superior Power in person? If not why did you encourage your followers to believe it in this way? You made the ashram rules didn't you?

  • In your addresses you used to refer to 'Guru Maharaj Ji' in the third person - why?

  • Do you accept that fact that many premies still see you as the Lord?

  • Do you still see yourself as the Perfect Master, needing to tone it down for public consumption, but still the living embodiment of that grace, without which no one can really benefit from the Knowledge techniques? Or do you privately think of that as a Hindu myth, and you are content to live off it - and live very well off it, like a family business, as your detractors maintain? Or was it a gradual change over the years from one to the other?

  • You once said that you were always happy, that you were, in fact, always in the "infinite state". Do you still maintain this?

  • Do you believe that you are the one and only God in person?
    If not, can I have all my time and money back please?
    And if you are, what the hell are you doing?

  • Which of these terms apply to you and why:
    Perfect Master
    Lord of the Universe
    Guru Maharaj Ji

  • What's it like having thousands of people sing "The Lord of the Universe" to you?

  • Were we supposed to mean it when we sang Arti?

  • Did you ever believe that your entire immediate so-called 'Holy Family' was "divine"?

  • Even Bhole Ji?

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