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Why do you smoke if the breath is so precious to you?

  • Was it not hypocritical to prohibit your followers from drinking and smoking or having sex whilst you did so yourself in private?

  • Mr. Rawat, it's public knowledge that you are a long time smoker. I'm curious, what amount do you smoke per day, one pack, two packs?

  • Do you feel smoking could interfere with one's "experience" practising Knowledge technique number 3 - the breath technique?

  • How long have you been smoking?

  • Have you ever tried to quit? Have you tried nicotine gum, patch, etc?

  • Are you worried about the health consequences to smoking, especially since you claim the breath is "sacred and holy" etc.?

  • Is it true that most of your family smokes cigarettes?

  • Do you consider yourself addicted to nicotine/cigarettes?

  • What illicit drugs have you ever taken? When and how?


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