The Aspirant Process: Step 2

Follow-up Meetings

If you are really interested and if you understand anything of what M says, you will realize that there is more about it than just watching videos. There is something to receive, and if you want that gift, you have to become an aspirant and come to specific meetings for people interested (like you). The person who speaks after the video might also invite you to a special meeting for people like you. Let's say (for the sake of this story) that you decide you want to know more about it. You find that leaflet inviting you next week to such and such place, or you go and ask to one of the nice guys (ladies) that you see what you should do to receive knowledge.

They will tell you that you have to be patient about it, and wait until that next video. You might insist a little bit and have the chance to find someone more enthusiastic who will tell you a little bit how fantastic that experience really is, invite you for a drink (don't go for anything else), and maybe offer to accompany you to that next video if you feel a bit lonely. These people are really cool indeed. Whatever the case may be, next week, or next month, you finally decide to go to that meeting (premies call it a 'follow-up' meeting).

You are now at the 2nd step of your involvement in that cult. You end up in a hall, smaller than the first, with a few newly interested people (like you), and a few premies taking care of ushering, VCR, sound system, whatever. A nice guy (lady) will welcome you and say a few words to introduce the videos that you will watch. The projection might last about an hour, maybe a little more. The videos that you will see are specially created for newly interested people. M says beautiful things about the experience inside, the way to discover it, that you can aspire to knowledge (and become an aspirant) blah. blah, giving more details than the first time.

Then the person who spoke at the beginning will invite you to other meetings of that kind, or to come to other introductory videos, whatever you like, and thank you for coming. You may ask questions if you want, that will show your interest. You will be told that M. himself will give you the best answer, and that you will very likely get your answer if you watch more videos. You might even get from these discourses answers to questions that you don't have yet. Be patient.

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