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This reprinted post originally appeared in our online Forum, and is contained in the Forum III Archives (#29).

Date: Tues, Nov 17, 1998 at 20:00:24 (EST)
From: Nigel, Jim, JW, TD
Email: None
To: Everyone
Since the Enjoyinglife website was set up, there have been a number of outrageous allegations made on this forum to the effect that published contributions to the premies' site were not the open and honest expressions of thought and feeling one might expect if there were not some form of censorship in operation. The unnatural, alien vocabulary, for one thing; the stilted expressions; the carefully-pitched, guru-stitched praise of the Master that is, on the one hand, never too gushing and, on the other, never less than fulsome; all these have roused many suspicions.

What is going on?

Are only hand-picked, anand-picked PEWK's allowed to submit? Or are unacceptable expressions removed? Do El.org write the 'Lives with Knowledge' themselves? After all, they are claiming copyright on submissions, so why not?

Now, thanks to 'Operation Trojan Horse', the good people of this forum (and Bruce) can finally learn the truth. The Forum III Merry Punksters Collective has been busy amassing some incontrovertible evidence, a modest, but definitive selection of which will be posted in the thread below.

We have found that not only are contributor's posts subject to frequent cuts (without consent having been obtained) but that unacceptable words, phrases, sentences or important paragraphs are removed and replaced by original expressions that will better suit the worldly aspirations of a Living Lord who isn't quite so keen on the 'Lord' bit nowadays. Not surprisingly, some serious distortions arise through these creative reinterpretations...

In many cases they have turned our most earnest expressions into works of pure fiction. :-)

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