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Date: Tues, Nov 17, 1998 at 20:02:58 (EST)
From: Evidence (1)
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To: Nigel, Jim, JW, TD
Subject: Andy O'Dwyer
'Andy O'Dwyer' (aka. Nigel) has been out of the loop for a long time. He's never heard of 'Knowledge Lite' and still lives in a timewarp where Guru Maharaj Ji is nothing less than Lord of the Universe.

How would the Enjoyinglife censors deal with his contribution? Look down to the last few paragraphs where the censor's cuts are

Hello there, how are you all doing?

My name is Andrew (Andy) O'Dwyer. I was born 45 years ago in county Sligo to a family of itinerant travellers. I never knew my mother and father but was raised instead by My Uncle John and Aunt Miriam. Uncle John was a tinker in the traditional sense and we spent all my growing years travelling around Ireland. I'd like to say we lived in a horse-drawn caravan too, but reality is never as romantic as people think!. Instead we had a big black converted bus that once saw service on the streets of Cork city back in the thirties. Uncle John must have been quite a mechanic on the side, because between us we kept that thing running for something like seventeen years.

I realise now we must have been very poor, but it never seemed like that At the time as there was always food on the table, and John and Miriam always made me feel like the luckiest boy alive. I didn't get much of a schooling since we were always on the move, but Aunt Miriam gave me a great love of literature and poetry and there was never a time my head wasn't stuck firmly between the pages of some book or other. My favourite times were the summer fairs in County Wicklow where Uncle John always managed to find work and aunt Miriam (who was never a Romany) used to take out her headscarf and large gold earrings and tell fortunes to the fair-goers from a little tent as 'Madame Mystra'. She knew nothing about tarot or palmistry, but used To just make people's futures up as she went along. The punters often came back the next year to say how accurate the predictions had been! We used to find this hysterically funny. 'There's one born every minute' Uncle John would always say. So I guess you could say I was pretty much a sceptic in those days. But I loved nature and the wild mountains, and there was always this feeling in me that there must be some deep mystery going on in nature that was also right there within myself, if I could just put my finger on it.

Anyway, all good things come to an end, and when I was seventeen Aunt Miriam died. Uncle John almost went to pieces, but managed to stay off the drink and keep himself together, thank God. Unfortunately around that time he started keeping some undesirable company and was soon involved in carrying occasional parcels across the border into the north. He always refused to talk to me about this. Uncle John was a good man and I'm sure he only got involved in all that business because he was very hard up and it paid well. But I told myself I'm not wanting any of that caper and took off for London as soon as I was eighteen. [AS I SAW IT, UNCLES FORM OF IDEALISM HAD BROUGHT NOTHING BUT SORROW TO OUR LAND FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS WHILE I SINCERELY FELT THERE MUST BE SOME OTHER WAY OF ESTABLISHING PEACE, BOTH IN IRELAND AND ACROSS THE WORLD.]

It was the early seventies and I was working on building site in Belsize park. One day a hippie-looking girl was walking past and I wolf-whistled her (she was quite a looker!). Instead of carrying on past, she turned and came over to speak to me. Shes all yours, Andy was my immediate thought, but instead she started telling me about this Indian kid, [GURU MAHARAJ JI, WHO WAS GOING TO BRING PEACE TO THE WHOLE WORLD. NOT ONLY THAT BUT GURU MAHARAJ JI, THE LIVING PERFECT MASTER,] could show me a perfect gift Inside myself.

Sceptic that I was, I was having none of it, but because I really fancied this Sarah chick I went along with her one eveing [TO THE PALACE OF PEACE WHICH WAS ONLY A COUPLE OF STREETS AWAY FROM WHERE I WAS WORKING]. I listened to [MAHATMA GURU] Charanand give satsang, and all at once I felt something happening in me, the like of which I had never known before. Within a week I had received Knowledge (either I was lucky or they seemed to be just giving it away to all-comers at that time). [I EVEN SURRENDERED THE REINS OF MY LIFE TO GURU MAHARAJ JI WHO I RECOGNISED AS TRULY THE SUPERIOR POWER IN PERSON.]

I was not really ready for Maharji Ji's [PRICELESS GIFT OF] knowledge, since I moved into an ashram and was thrown out again a few weeks later!

The trouble was my new friend Sarah and I were becoming altogether too fond of one another, and what with she having moved into the same ashram, we ended up breaking our celibacy vows on a pretty routine basis, and every time I got drunk I would carry chicken legs or kebabs back to the ashram. Jeez! - can you imagine? We were supposed to be teetotal and strictly vegetarian. Ah, but I remember those days with a great fondness, still. Having split up with Sarah, I wandered off for a while, returning to Ireland and living the travelling life again. I thought I might just keep the Knowledge for myself, practice on my own in rural tranquility. But after meeting my wife Kathy, I settled down for many years and we ran a small poultry farm in Wicklow. Unforunately I lost contact with the other premies, and I found it impossible to practice without that daily [CONSTANT] focus [AND SURRENDER TO SATSANG, SERVICE AND MEDITATION].

Many years followed, with many ups and downs along the way. I tried to meditate when I could and I always knew over the years that I was still carrying [MY PRECIOUS GURU MAHARAJ JI] in my heart. When my marriage broke up a couple of years back, I moved back over to England again, and now live in Chester, UK, where I work in insurance. [I FOUND THIS INTERNET SITE THANKS TO A WORK COLLEAGUE TELLING ME ABOUT THE EX-PREMIE.ORG SITE. I LOOKED THERE FIRST AND COULDNT BELIEVE THE GOSSIP AND LIES I WAS READING. BUT, BY HIS GRACE, SOMEONE POSTED A LINK TO THIS SITE WHICH IS HOW] I found your beacon of peace and hope in a turbulent cyberworld. Take care, and keep up the good work, all of you. Andy

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