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Date: Tues, Nov 17, 1998 at 20:17:28 (EST)
From: Evidence (4)
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To: Nigel, Jim, JW, TD
Subject: Don Matthews
The story of Don Matthews (aka. JW) is remarkably true to life. It contains only statements or expressions which at some time or other, every premie or ex-premie will have used the past and, indeed, would have been positively encouraged to use.

But then, the piece is pretty long, and I suppose it was chiefly as a matter of keeping the word-count down that the editors carried out the obligatory trimming.


My name is Don Matthews and I appreciate this Internet site, because I live in a small community (Elko, Nevada) where there are no other premies. It's great to be connected.

I received knowledge 25 years ago, and because of the wonderful experience I have in practicing knowledge, Maharaji has remained the most important influence of my life for all of those 25 years. In fact, I can say that without him, life would not be worth living. Once you have experienced that true, supreme, experience that is within inside of you, it's inconceivable to me that you could ever leave it or stop holding it as the most supreme gift that you could ever receive.

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, in a Catholic household in which religion was near the center. I was a pretty happy kid, although we were definitely poor. I did well in school, and I was fortunate to get a full academic scholarship to a good college and I did very well there. But no matter how well my life was going on the surface, I always felt that something was missing. The Catholic religion stopped providing fulfillment for me and, as a result, I was kind of turned off to all religions, and I began exploring other forms of spirituality. But nothing seemed to provide any fulfillment for me. As I approached my senior year in college, I realized that all the things I had been working for were about to come true. Somehow, this terrified me, as I saw my life as a kind of prison or trap before me. Was that all there was or was ever going to be? Is this what human beings were put on this planet to do? Surely there had to be something more. I found myself praying to be shown what that 'something more' might be.

One day I went into a health food store [THAT I KNEW WAS RUN BY MEMBERS OF DIVINE LIGHT MISSION, BUT I HAD NO IDEA THEY WERE FOLLOWERS OF MAHARAJI]. One guy told me he was a devotee of Maharaji, and called himself a 'premie,' which he said was a Hindi term meaning 'lover.' He began to tell be about a 14-year-old [PERFECT] master, whom he called the 'Satguru.' He told me that 'guru,' which Maharaji was called then, referred to someone who could bring you from darkness ('gu') to light ('ru').

He told me the master had come into the world to reveal truth to human beings, and that it was available to anyone who sincerely wanted it. He even showed me a picture of Maharaji, and I was astounded to see that he really did look just like a little kid! The premie also talked about four meditation techniques and that it was possible to experience the meditation, which directly connected you to the divine energy inside of you, 24 hours a day. [IN FACT, HE SAID MAHARAJI COULD SHOW ME THAT 'GOD' WAS REALLY ENERGY, INCLUDING THE ENERGY THAT CAUSED ME TO BE ALIVE, AND THAT I COULD EXPERIENCE THAT ENERGY DIRECTLY.] While all of this was a bit overwhelming to me, I could tell from looking at this guy's eyes that he had a spark of life that I hadn't seen in anyone else. At the same time, a voice inside my head said to check this out, and that I definitely should not shut the door to this possibility that what I was being told was true. I'm so glad I listened to that voice, because I could have easily just blown off what I was being told as just another religion.


It just so happened that a big event was about to happen in Houston, Texas, at the Houston Astrodome, [CALLED MILLENNIUM AT WHICH MAHARAJI WOULD BE SPEAKING. ALL THE PREMIES I MET SAID I SHOULD ATTEND BECAUSE MAHARAJI WOULD BE REVEALING HIS PLAN TO BRING PEACE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD]. Although I really didn't have the money, had never even been on a plane before, and although I had to cut classes to do it, I made plane reservations to go. I felt I wanted to see Maharaji and hear him talk about the experience himself. It was all very exciting, but a little intimidating. What was remarkable, though, was that I felt so taken care of through the whole journey. When I got on the plane, feeling a little nervous about showing up at this big festival by myself, I was surprised to see that the very premie I knew from the health food store, was sitting in the seat in front of me. He became a kind of guide for me for the whole Millennium festival. After hearing Maharaji speak, I was sure I wanted to receive knowledge and I felt I would have sacrificed just about anything it took to get it.

About six weeks later, one of Maharaji's, instructors, [MAHATMA PARLOKANAND,] arrived in our community. I guess I wasn't ready to receive knowledge because the Mahatma told me to wait. I was kind of stubborn and I followed this [MAHATMA] [HIM] to three different cities over a period of two weeks, before I finally was selected to receive knowledge. And when I did, the experience of knowledge was even more incredible than I had imagined, and yet, at the same time, it was also simpler than I had imagined. It had such a profound effect on me that I felt strongly that I wanted to practice knowledge as much as I could, and everything else in my life just seemed so much less important.

I decided to drop out of college and move in with others who were practicing knowledge on a regular basis. I felt strongly that I needed the focus and inspiration of other premies around me to make the most of the gift I had been given. And I was very excited about the possibility of [SERVING] [HELPING] serving Maharaji in his mission to bring peace, through the spread of knowledge, to a very troubled world. I didn't know what I might be able to contribute in this regard, but I wanted to be available to do what I could. A few months later, I [WAS ALLOWED] moved into [ONE OF MAHARAJI'S ASHRAMS] [AN ASHRAM], [WHICH MEANS, 'SHELTER,'] which was a wonderful opportunity to focus completely on the experience, without the distractions of worldly responsibilities. I will forever treasure the time I spent there.

Some years later, after Maharaji closed the ashrams, I began to live on my own, really for the first time in my life. I eventually returned to college and finished my degree. It was very difficult both financially and socially, to be back in school in my 30s, all those years later, but I had the knowledge to be my touchstone at all times. After I graduated, I and began a career, eventually getting the position of assistant controller for a state governmental agency dealing with land management. I also got married and began raising children. I have only been able to see Maharaji a couple of times in the past 15 years. [BUT THE BEAUTIFUL THING ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE OF KNOWLEDGE IS THAT IT IS COMPLETELY PORTABLE.] Through all the ups and downs of life it is always there to see you through, and it isn't dependent on where you live, or the kind of environment you live in. All I can say is that I am so grateful to Maharaji for showing it to me. Although my wife does not have knowledge, she enjoyed it when I took here to a program in California some years ago at which Maharaji spoke. She respects my feelings about Maharaji, and I feel that practicing knowledge had helped me be a better husband and father. Someday, she may decide she wants to receive knowledge herself.

So, as I said, Maharaji is continues to be the most important person in my life because he's the one who showed me what the true purpose of my life is.

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