Rawatism's Amazing Offspring

Some of Prem Rawat's former disciples created their own cult. Both leaders of the following groups left Prem Rawat in the early days. John Yarr gives no information about the origins of his teachings and the belief system he promotes, but Mohammed Saib actually claims that Prem Rawat appointed him as the next satguru in a speech in 1976!

Sat-Guru Maharaj Ji (Mohammed Saib) - and his "One Love Family" in Nigeria

John Yarr (The God of Bognor Regis) - and the 'Lifewave' (The Path, Light & Sound)

Michael Clegg (alias Satyam Nadeen) - and his "Satsang Intensives"

The "One Love Family"

Mohammed Saib, otherwise known as Guru Maharaj Ji, not only taught Knowledge in a similar way to how Prem Rawat taught in the early days, but he claims that Prem Rawat authorised him to take over from Rawat! One of the One Love Family publications (see below) has this quote attributed to Prem Rawat:-

"There is no doubt and why should there be any doubt about it. There is a greater soul coming - Mohammed Sahib - who you will understand better. If you listen to him you will be higher than now. Right from Africa where civilisations started" - At the University of Pennsylvania, July 1976

Of course, Rawat said no such thing, but Saib's claim to be the successor of Prem Rawat is based on as much verifiable evidence as Prem Rawat's claim, or his brother Satpal's claim, to be the successor of their father, Shri Hans, or the claim that Shri Hans was the chosen successor of his guru (in fact all the evidence says that he wasn't.) In 2005, Elan Vital issued a statement claiming that Saib had no mandate from Prem Rawat to teach. What Elan Vital do not say is that Prem Rawat, his brother Satpal, and their father, Shri Hans, also do not have a verifiable mandate to teach.

The Nigerian Guru Maharaj Ji:-

Nigerian Guru Maharaj Ji

Claim that he is the successor of Prem Rawat:-

Claim to Succeed Rawat

Fictional Quote from Rawat:-

Fictional Quote from Rawat

Momentous dates in history!:-

Momentous Dates

Other resources about the Nigerian Guru Maharaj Ji on the internet include (
Travails of the Living Perfect Master):

"Maharaj Ji, an indigene of Oyo State and a staff of the Nigeria Airways until he travelled to india in the late 1970s, returned and declared himself 'God' to the amazement of all, including his peers. He had declared that he was God, claiming that he had taken the form of body and flesh to dwell among men. According to him, he has come to give knowledge to those thirsting for it. In giving this knowledge, he attempts to change the status quo. For instance, the Holy Bible teaches that God's abode is heaven. And that all prayers, requests and praises were made to him alone. But Guru's teachings are to the contrary. To his followers, God is no longer in heaven but in the Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, Kilometre 10, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway, Ibadan. The village, to them, is the highest spiritual Centre of the Universe. Impliedly, God is a Nigerian, he lives among them. This explains, why his followers don't waste time praying to the "unseen God". They direct all their prayers to Satguru Maharaj ji , the 'God' they can see and feel."

Answering to allegations about his guru, here's what one of his devotees wrote to This Day - a Nigerian newspaper (Maharaji never travelled to India) :

"Satguru MaharajJi has never been to lndia. MaharajJi left Nigeria in August 1975 to London, United Kingdom(UK) and returned on July17,1980.

The purpose was to get a degree in Marketing but met the Master of the time from whom Divine knowledge was revealed to him on January 1, 1980. But unlike others, the baton of spiritual leadership of the universe changed hands and since then he has become Satguru Maharaj Ji.

Maharaj Ji only worked with the Nigeria Airways for about seven months between 1982 and early 1983 before resigning to establish the One love Family at Iju, Agege, Lagos.

Satguru never proclaimed Himself as God. The Living Perfect Master is not a title one can proclaim. As the physical embodiment carrying the Holy Spirit to dwell among men, he is the link between man and the Creator.

Because Maharaj Ji teaches perfectness and because he is living, he is called the Living Perfect Master. All representations of the Creator, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Krsna, Orunmila,Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Mohammed, Kofi Manu, etc. were past Perfect Masters of their times.

Maharaj Ji has made it clear that he is not God; that 'God' is a coined name for the Creator in English,language.

That before the creation of Europe, North and South America, Asia and the islands finds countries scattered all over the globe, the early man, spoke Sanskrit language, the original mother tongue of the human race and the true name of the creator is MaharaJ Ji (pronounced MARAAJJI).

It is only through Maharaj Ji one can attain consciousness of the self and the above human destruction and other vicissitudes of life. It is this Holy Name, Maharaj Ji, that civilisations after have tried to interpret or translate in their various civilisations and languages but, thank goodness, Maharaj Ji is around.

As the reveller of Light and the Comforter of this era, The Satguru cannot "lament" or "appear to be disturbed?'. The problem is that human beings are being diverted by stones like that of "New Treasure" and Steve Alachenu to lose out, being saved by the World Teacher. It is by Maharaj Ji's manifestation that we know that the creator at the beginning of creation was called MAHARAJ Jl of Sanskrit origin, the mother tongue in creation. Whenever this Holy Spirit takes human form to link up with the creator, MaharaJ Ji, he is called Satguru Maharaj ji.

This holy name has been expunged from the scriptures in Constantinople Conferences of AD 21 and later retired in AD 60 . Now that it is revealed, people, who are ignorantly enjoying the status quo on a world built on a keg of gunpowder (cosmic joke), are unsafe, so they are fighting themselves, using concocted stories against. The Satguru. They have failed.

You cannot defrauded the Light. Any offence against the Holy Spirit is unpardonable. This is the problem these agents are yet to realise. Maharaj Ji's call for public enlightenment is to save innocent souls, dying because of fake stories.

Let our pressmen help salvage the world by researching about The Satguru and stop yollow journalism."

See also : Pereye's journey
We're vegetarians, we don't eat human organs, says the Living Perfect Master (below) on this page

More stories and accounts:

Sect Leader, Guru Maharaji Discharged And Acquitted
Newswatch (Lagos) - August 7, 2000 - Fola Adekeye

Nigeria News Du Jour - Tuesday July 21, 1998

Guru target of Bongo Party -- TNB Nigeria
Mob Attacks Guru Maharaji - P.M. News (Lagos) - July 7, 1999 - By Ayodele Ale & Dapo Jide

John Yarr and the "Lifewave" (The Path / Light & Sound)

The following is an excerpt of his Ex-members website:

Divine Light Clarification

"The criteria to qualify for the initiation and techniques of meditation used by Divine Light Mission (DLM) were exactly the same as Mr Yarrs. The conditions on which one had to qualify for the initiation were as follows; attend the local discourses (Satsangs), do service at the nearest centre, adopt a vegetarian diet (no meat fish or eggs), refrain from all drugs and alcohol. Sexual intercourse was only permitted between married couples and if you lived in the ashram then sexual intercourse was not permitted at all.

When one of the local Premies deemed you were fit to ask for initiation then you either waited for a visiting Mahatma to come your way or you could go to London and ask at the main centre (Palace of Peace, in London). When you were humble enough and were ready to give up everything for Mahraji then you were selected for the initiation into the Light. You prepared yourself by washing etc and bringing offerings of fruit to the ceremony. You sat on the floor cross legged listening to discourse until the Mahatma entered the room. You pranaamed to him and Mahrajis picture. In due course you were given the Light technique (the same as Mr Yarrs of pressing the eyes) then the Sound technique (the same initiating technique as Mr Yarrs of putting fingers in ears and pressing points on the head) then the mantra (So Hang). You were also given a Muhdra (a technique of holding the tongue back, to taste the nectar as it dripped from the Sahasrara to the Muladhara chakra?). You were left to meditate all day 9- 6pm after which the Mahatma checked on all that had been seen and heard, you then went out to meet all the waiting nightly audience to tell all.

So just what is the difference between Guru Mahraji’s Divine Light Mission and Mr Yarrs form of meditation: Mr Yarr changed the mantra (SO Hang) to E O Dekka. Mr Yarr (in the Lifewave days) kept all the rules and regulations but increased the preparation to include total obedience from his followers. Alienating people from their family and friends unless they were also followers of Yarr. (Guru Mahraji changed his system years ago. He decided to free people and allow them to choose their own lifestyles, there are no lifestyle restrictions at all. Guru Mahraji encourages his followers to practice their meditation and that's all).

Mr Yarr promises everyone enlightenment with a step by step guide to reach it. Enlightenment = freedom, but what price are you going to ultimately pay for your freedom?

Mr Yarr wraps his followers in chains and hand cuffs them to him with fear. To reach enlightenment you must be totally committed to him. Therefore how can one make any objective comparison between a revelation of light from another guru and Mr Yarrs, when to disagree, object or heaven forbid criticise him in any way would or could mean banishment or punishment of some sort. Each persons experience is unique to them, to try and compare just what the difference is between Light and Light is rather ridiculous.

Mahraji does not use the term enlightenment he allows his meditators to naturally and organically develop. Yes you can try and ‘hot house’ people to enlightenment but what happens is they can survive quite happily in the hot house but cannot live outside it. You are forced to eat certain foods regardless of whether or not it suits your metabolism. Wear certain colours to prove you are spiritual!! Meditate 2 hours or more daily whether or not it is right for your circumstances. (Maybe you have young children or physical encumbrances so you sit there in pain or feeling guilty or torn between domestic chores or your partners needs). Read the right books. Attend regular meetings so that you can keep your enthusiasm topped up by the group and pay your dues, just like any network marketing group. This is not natural or healthy.

You cannot manufacture spirituality, if you try all you get is robotic behaviour governed by fear. Fear of displeasing the Guru, fear of displeasing the person in charge of you, fear of stepping out of line, fear of querying anything because if you present too many queries then you are automatically doomed. Go to the back of the queue, learn to be humble ie. don't ask any more questions. How on earth can spiritual development be so filled with fear!! You get rid of all your old hang ups (ha ha) you meditate all hours, you get chosen to sit down for the final session for enlightenment and you have got to do it because he has said so. And if you don't get it then you have let the Guru down and all the others that are waiting and watching. “And when you have got ‘it’ then you are snared for good because you now owe him so much.

So, enlightenment, what's that.? Sounds good but now you have a duty to the Master full time. If you can make plenty of money and pay your way, that will let you off a good many hooks. You can marry a beautiful woman that will also keep him happy. You can also work so hard for him that you bankrupt yourself physically mentally and emotionally. But one thing that you can be sure of, once you’re there, those chains are going to be rattled. Sounds like the makings of a good fairy tale.

Guru Maharaji is just another teacher, some say he is the only one. But in this world of such choice and variety then he is and can only be THE ONE for a certain number of people, just as I will admit that Yarr also can work for a certain number of people, the only problem is that those people will not be allowed to exceed him."

More documents:

Lifewave publicity and Ishwara's picture

To witness the public front of John Yarr's present organisation, see http://www.meditationunlimited.org (USA)

And some hilarious publicity in the Daily Telegraph:


By James Allen

An Irishman whose supporters claim that he once restored his pet goldfish to life has set up in business as God in Bognor Regis. Local religious leaders and parents are becoming increasingly concerned at the support he is attracting from young people whos allegiance to his teachings is estranging them from their families and friends. Known to his disciples as Ishvara, Mr. Herbert John Yarr, a man in his thirties, claims to be "The greatest incarnation of God in the history of man - a true perfect master” He tells the 100 or so people believing in him that be can bring them enlightenment which also qualifies them to rank as "saints" in his movement, known as the Spiritual Organisation for the Teachings of the Master. Christianity is derided as preaching "a lot of hot air” and Jesus Christ is dismissed contemptuously as "dead and irrelevant.” Only Mr Yarr, it appears can show people the path to God.

Delicate ‘soul’

Followers or “ devotees" are asked to dedicate their “soul mind and body" to Mr Yarr, once a member of the Divine Light Mission in Cornwall and believed to be formerly an Army clerk. Many do so unreservedly and imbue him with divine powers. One young woman, though no longer a member of the movement is still Convinced that she witnessed him use his mental powers to move a cloud against the prevailing wind. Supporters also believe that he can conjure up material matter like a three-piece suite or a kitchen table, though an empty box of go-cat suggests that at least the house pet has not forsaken materialism as Mr. Yarr’s followers are asked to do.

His red Opel Manta and his garishly orange-painted bungalow also look the genuine article. He lives in the 30,000 property with several of his followers, but is an elusive man to meet , preferring to use his “saints” as frontmen and women. Earlier this year a young man and woman who had left the movement and were reported to have questioned Mr. Yarr’s divinity and personal behaviour received a visit from several of his supporters, who struck them and warned that they risked being sent blind or run down by a bus.

Obey law

The incident has been reported to the local police, but senior officers felt the circumstances were such that no legal action could could be taken. They have warned Mr Yarr's “devotees” however, that they are expected to obey the civil law along with other mere mortals. The women said that in sessions designed to cast her mind back to previous appearances on earth, Mr Yarr asked embarrassingly intimate questions about her past sex lifeon earth. Parents find that it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate or reason with their sons or daughters once they are convinced of Mr. Yarr’s divinity, though the movement strongly denies allegations of brainwashing.

The local newspaper, the Bognor Regis Observer, has received many complaints from parents saying their children are passive zombies after meditation sessions where they constantly repeat the same words over and over again in an attempt to see a 1,000-petal lotus flower which is said to appear as a buning bush. One parent said : “It really is a most pernicious organization. They are causing distress to parents and they spend a lot of time once they are in this sect attacking other religions." Many of the followers of Mr. Yarr are in their 20s or even older, which limits the control parents can exercise over them, but does not diminish their concern at the obvious obsession with the self proclaimed divinity of Mr .Yarr. The rules of the movement are so designed that he can keep a tight control over "devotees,"' who are not encouraged to discuss any doubts or problems they may have among themselves but to deal directly with a trusted “saint” thus preventing the possible spread of dissention. And the discouragement of too close a relationship with non-believers tends to increase reliance upon Mr Yarr and his lieutenants for reassurance that god really does live in a detached bungalow in a respectable Bognor Regis with gnomes as garden companions.

Pereye's journey

I have received (July 2003) the following 'journey' from an ex-follower of the Nigerian Guru Maharaj Ji, who was a premie in the UK who went back to Nigeria to start his own cult with Knowledge, Ashrams and everything. This chap, Pereye, wants to expose him and would like any information that anyone here has on this guy. I have replied saying any help I can give would be limited, but we can at least give information. I remember someone posted here (on the Forum) recollections of his time as a premie, but we didn't transfer that to the offshoots page on EPO. Could whoever it was please post again, and anyone else with any info please share it. Thanks.


I stumble into EPO by chance out of curiousity of wanting to know the truth about, "who and what is a Satguru Maharaj Ji".
My name is Pereye Inaibo. I am 32 years old, a Nigerian by birth.
I received knowledge from a man who claims to be a Satguru Maharaj Ji (3rd June 1988).
I wouldn't want to go into my personal experiences with the Master and his organisation because they are just similar to that of other ex-premies whom I have read their stories in the journey section of EPO. Quest for knowledge of the creator, peace of mind, good health and what have you dragged the entire members of my family into belonging to Satguru Maharaj Ji's fold.

After series of to and fro movement ranging from one episode to another in Maharaj Ji's Kingdom I decided to cut of my links with them. I was feeling so empty inside. The idea of being with a Satguru (God in Human form) entails a lot yet after so many years of dedication one is still floating in the of maya. Several attempts to make inquiries about certain terminologies being used in the Kingdom will be welcome with frowns, leaving one with uncountable doubts.

I see a lot of people (men, women and under-age children ) flooding into the Ashrams to dedicate their lives to the Satguru.
After so many years, I see these same people running out of the Ashram to the world outside looking so helpless. I narrowly escaped been such a victim. I would have missed my education and so many other achievements which I have acquired today. It was my dad that saved the situation then, far back 1988 when I was encouraged by an Ashram premie to move into the Ashram because I was suffering from an ailment. There are a lot of people still there in and outside the Ashram thinking that one day the Satguru will take them directly to heaven.
The Satguru claims to have gotten his mantle of leadership from Prempal Rawat in 1980 in the UK after receiving knowledge from him. He (real name, Ibrahim Dan Saib) later return back to his country Nigeria and started declaring to people that he is now "The living Perfect Master of this era".
In 1985 he started revealing knowledge to people (especially the weak, poor, lonely and sick). Somehow people testified that their problems were just melting away only by sitting down and listening to Satsang. As the kingdom grew in size with the establishment of Ashrams in almost all the states in the country, problems started arising. Stories upon stories leading to arrest of the Satguru from one accusation to another brought divisions into the Kingdom. A lot of premies have derailed so also many Ashrams have been shut down probably due to lack of funds.
My stand in this matter is that: Time is running out for so many innocent people.

1. Was there at anytime in 1980 Prempal Rawat announce to the world that Ibrahim Dan Saib is now the Satguru?

2. What can be done to let Nigerians know nationwide that there is no such thing as a Perfect Master in Nigeria call satguru Maharaji Ji?

3.Prempal should be notified that one of his premies is impersonating him here in Nigeria?

I will try as much as I can in my own capacity to let others know about the EPO website and also to print out copies of revealations from the site to give to less privilege to read.
I feel very sad coming to know that so many people including intellectuals are still moving in the dark out of ignorance. Even if it will cause me my life, I swear to go to any length to put an end to this joke. My soul will never find peace until I get to the bottom of this issue. Presently my 23 year old younger sister is been trapped inthe Ashram. Several attempts to get her out has proved abortive. She comes home occationally and will suddenly rush back to the Ashram like somebody that is been haunted. The time has come. I will want to believe that you people (EPO) are solidly behind me. I hope to hear from you soonest.



INAIBO PEREYE : pereinaibo@yahoo.co.uk

Satguru Maharajji sits on his extravagant throne in Nigeria.
He dismisses the allegations against his cult as 'negative propaganda'
put out to 'misrepresent the father of all creation'

We're vegetarians, we don't eat human organs,
says the Living Perfect Master

Author Philip Sherwell

Source for story: London’s Sunday Telegraph August 31, 2003-08-31

Nigeria's 'guru of peace' scorns alleged links with the Thames torso believed to be a victim of ritual killing. Philip Sherwell visits the ashram to find out the truth of a grisly story Dwarfed by an oversized throne garishly decorated in his favourite hues of saffron and pink, the self-professed "living perfect master" delivers a meandering sermon on love and peace to 250 adoring followers.

Some have prostrated themselves in front of his heart-shaped podium; others stand and sway as though in a trance as he delivers such telling observations as "civilisations have come and civilisations will go" and "if you paint your car, is it a different car?"

This is the headquarters near Lagos of the One Love Family, a weird personality cult established by a 55-year-old Nigerian who adopted the trappings of an Indian holy man and the title Satguru Maharajji after a visit to London in 1980.

His teachings sound like the eccentric outpourings of a self-styled divine messenger. But now shocking allegations about child sacrifices have been made to British authorities by a woman who has claimed to be a member of the cult.

Joyce Osagiede, a key figure in the police investigation into the voodoo killing of "Adam", the young African boy whose decapitated and limbless torso was found in the Thames two years ago, has said that she and her husband had been setting up branches linked to the cult and that her husband was responsible for a series of black magic killings of the children of devotees.

She also said that she and other female disciples were forced to undergo ritual circumcision.

She made the claims to immigration officials before her deportation from London to Nigeria last year, although she has since told her brother that she did so only as a ruse to win asylum in Britain. Her husband, Sam Onijhighovie, is currently in jail in Dublin fighting extradition to Germany on fraud charges arising from an alleged human trafficking operation.

The Maharajji said that he was aware of the allegations from media reports but dismissed them as "negative propaganda" and an attempt to "misrepresent the father of all creation". He was not sure whether Ms Osagiede or Onijhighovie were among his followers. "In any case," he added, "if someone reads The Sunday Telegraph and then commits armed robbery, is The Sunday Telegraph responsible for his crime?"

The unusual interview was conducted as the quietly spoken grey-bearded figure in white robes and cap perched on the edge of another large throne in the reception room of his main quarters. His observations were interspersed by cult members, clad in red, yellow or white, singing songs of praise to the accompaniment of horns and tambourines.

It is not the first time that the cult leader has faced claims that are at odds with his public calls for world peace. In 2000 he was acquitted of murdering a Ghanaian who had alleged that his sister was being held by the One Love Family against her will.

Then a Nigerian magazine published the account last year of a former devotee who claimed that the cult undertook a "blood initiation rite" in which five participants died. "In most cases, when somebody dies, they cut open his chest, remove the heart, the liver and the kidney," the man was quoted as saying. "They use it to prepare a concoction and people drink it during the initiations."

The Maharajji, who dismissed such claims as smears, told me that he and his followers were vegetarians so allegations that they devoured human organs were baseless. "It is natural that I should face some opposition when I bring the truth," he said. He claimed that Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Adam, Abraham and John the Baptist were among earlier "divine masters" (or humble Guru Maharajjis) but that he was the first "living perfect master" (Satguru Maharajji).

Nigeria was the "New Holy Land of the Universe" and his ashram at Ibadan, 80 miles north of Lagos, its highest spiritual centre.

The cult, which has followers in Britain, operates on GMT (Guru Maharajji Time), which is two hours ahead of everyone else's GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Meeting the master adds "12 years to your life", proclaims one poster; another announces that he has banned "all accidental and untimely deaths".

The Maharajji also claimed credit for ending the recent heatwave in Britain. "I got a call from London and heard it was too hot over there and I was asked if could I help," he told me. "Now I hear that temperatures are down."

Disciples have to practise celibacy within the grounds of the ashram and wear flowing red, yellow and white robes (never blue, which is banned). They are forbidden access to newspapers and television and are taught that holy books such as the Bible are irrelevant as only the Maharajji can impart the knowledge of God.

He says that, while studying for a marketing diploma in London in 1980, he received "the mantle of divine mastership and spiritual kingship of the universe" from Prem Rawat, an Indian-born guru. Prem Rawat's followers deny that there was any such exchange or that his movement or teachings have any connection with the Nigerian cult.

Ms Osagiede told her brother, Victor Imade Agho, that she and her husband joined the cult in Germany but she insisted that she came up with the claims of black magic ceremonies only to try to win asylum in Britain.

She recently disappeared from her family home in Benin City in southern Nigeria following a threatening visit from a local woman called Mercy after her claims were repeated in the local press. The 150-mile belt of land running from Ibadan to Benin City is a centre for both ritual killings and a lucrative human trafficking business. Police believe that the unidentified boy they call Adam was brought to Britain to be sacrificed in a black magic ritual by a trafficking gang, to solicit luck. Although they have no clue to his identity, forensic tests show he came from the Benin City region.

Although ritual killings, intended to bring prosperity or good fortune to the participants, are a regular feature of life in Nigeria, few people are willing to discuss the role of ju-ju, or black magic. Local police insist that it is not a problem.

Yet several people who disappeared in Benin City during April's elections are thought to have been sacrificed to earn votes for candidates, and Nigerian papers contain almost daily reports of ritual killings of children.

"Ritual killings have nothing to do with our religion or beliefs," says Chief Isekhuwe, a Benin tribal elder. "They are about greed and power. These people think that they can make money by using human blood, eyes and vital organs in potions and ceremonies. It is black magic."

Copyright of Telegraph Group Limited 2003.

Satyam Nadeen (alias Michael Clegg)

According to Prem Rawat's former disciples who also lived there,

Michael Clegg, who was one of the founders of COLL, in San Antonio, that ended up being the ashram novitiate program. Sometime prior to that, he was convicted of some crime and got sent to prison in Dallas, Texas (I think it was white collar crime), and so was gone fairly early from the premie community. (I was told when I got to COLL that Clegg was going to prison at some point and he did a few months thereafter).  After that premies used to go to Dallas and give satsang at the prison, and Michael bragged that he was converting everyone to Rawat by the power of his personal magnetism and enlightened, advanced spirituality.  (Never happened, but the prisoners seemed to like the ashram sisters when we went up there.)

Anyhow, he got out of prison at some point and then became a major drug dealer, got sent to prison again in Florida, and finally got out in 1996 and then became his own guru -- and calls himself Satyam Nadeen (which means something like the "big fat, holy, egonsitical con man guru who will take your money and worship" or something like that. (Gag, barf.)

Anyhow, a while back I recall he was set up in Costa Rica, conning money out of bored yuppies going down there for "enlightenment" and now he is also apparently set up in Georgia. He also wrote an infantile and self-fawning book and here's how it's described:

In March of 1992, Michael Clegg entered an overcrowded county jail near Jacksonville, Florida, convicted of the manufacture of an illegal drug called Ecstasy. He was held there for two years while awaiting sentencing. While in prison, he realized that a lifetime of spiritual searching had brought him no closer to the elusive state he was seeking, so he gave up trying. In surrender, he was overwhelmed with relief and bliss.

The next several years were spent in a deepening process he calls the deliverance, as layers of preconditioned ego personality were peeled away to reveal the eternal Pearl of Conciousness. On August 15, 1996, Satyam Nadeen was released from a federal prison to re-enter the world that Michael Clegg had left.

Of course, he has a website,  .............. even wearing Guru-outfits ......  I think the guy learned a lot about conning people from Rawat, and there you have it. Clegg had about the biggest and most offensive ego I think I ever encountered. Below is his website, but don't look at it soon after you have eaten. Be warned.

And check out the homepage of the link.  Clegg gives "satsang intensives" and explains how to reach enlightenment from his vast and deep experience and a criminal and con man, and, I guess as a premie, although Rawat isn't mentioned on the website.

Michael Clegg's website

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